Monday, January 25, 2010

Can't Get Enough Bottle Cap Art #5

In this last grouping, are artists whose work is meant for contemplation and display.  Some bridge the cap into fine art, some are quirky, some are functional yet can also be viewed as sculpture.  It's hard to limit myself to nine artists, but I believe you will enjoy their work as much as I have. 

Treasures from the Sea
Of all the artists I've stumbled across in my searches, these first three have captured my heart with their imagery and design.  Dianedickens' whimsical and colorful crabs, bugs and other critters always make me smile.  Her lady bug was the first wall hanging I saw, but her crabs are my simply sublime.  

I could do a whole series on the artwork of HungryHoller.    I really can't encourage you strongly enough to check our her website and etsy store.   She does the most incredible pieces with gourds and bottle caps.  The turtle shown here is a wall hanging, but it is also a container for your treasures.   In my communication with the artist, she has also shared pictures of some of her home projects that are truly amazing.  

Johntunger  is well known for his gorgeous renditions of fish.  They are incredible and he describes his creative process on his website.  He makes  fire bowls as well and was featured on Etsy as Ruler of the Earth (-Friendly Items).   That is high praise indeed and well earned.

Dimensional Artistry
The next three artists did not fall into a set category so, for lack of a better term, I'm putting them here as dimensional art.  StudioStebbyLee has a section in her shop called "melded by me" where I found this lovely chair in a last minute search for this article.  I love it.  I dream about sitting on this stool while working on my own creations.   Embarkingdog's animal sculptures have long been a personal favorite.  I also love the lettering in her titles (but that is off subject, I suppose).    Merritthyde's rich, distressed cross was also a last minute find.  It goes to show that it is well worth the time to refine your searches and page through items to find gold.  It's a beautiful piece and has graced the front page of Etsy.

Accidental Tourists
I could not resist the prints from these last three artists, (in fact I purchased one of them).   The first, Road To Hell, by ReddishGallery, is a perfect illustration of trash and treasure.  Littered over the ground like this, the bottle caps reflect desolation and disregard for our lovely planet.  It also reflects how my husband feels about my bottle cap obsession on some days.  However, in the hands of an artist, like this photographer and many of those who create with bottle caps, this is a mound of gold waiting to be mined.  The second piece, Bury the Past, from BlueRabbitGallery, is a great segue from the first photo and shows that the earth eventually reclaims us all (so we need to hurry to that parking lot in Oklahoma  before the caps are all gone).   The last artist, pinkiesister, has an incredible eye.  A lone bottle cap stands out on a pebble beach, whispering to me, pick me up, pick me up.  

I hope you've enjoyed this series as much as I've enjoyed finding them.  Each week, beginning February 1, I will showcase an individual artist from the three different series (jewelry, functional, and art).  If there are particular questions you would like answered or a particular artist you want profiled, please contact me.  They are all worth getting to know better.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I so love finding the squashed, rusted bottle caps---I prize those above the new shiny ones!
Thus, The Road To Hell would be my dream come true...I'd be scooping up caps left and right!
I find it interesting how bottlecaps have become so popular, and do wonder when the movement really started going full swing.
Delightful tour of the bottle cap art world!


Christine's Beadworks said...

Anne, that's a really good question. My interest is relatively recent (probably when I started drinking Oberon and thought what a pretty cap I should do something with it). I'll have to see how far back I can find stuff!

gourdphile said...

Dear Fellow Afflicted Christine:

What a boon for me to be included in your Top Nine. You are spreading the Bottle Cap Gospel, explaining the mania, and showing in real life bottle cap beauty. And who does more with a cap than you? I'm with Anne, rusted caps are endearing. They've suffered.

Thanks for bringing me along.



Mortira said...

Wouldn't it be amazing if it were illegal to throw anything away, and you could go to a special store where all the 'junk' had been sorted out for us to peruse? Imagine all the things artists like these could create! This has been a wonderful expose!

I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award:

Christine's Beadworks said...

Mortira, That would be fabulous! There is such a place in Ann Arbor I've been told. Imagine what I could have done with my grandfather's garage, if I had only known.
Thank you so much for reading and the nomination.