Saturday, January 23, 2010

Can't Get Enough Bottle Cap Art #4

I'm very excited about the growing field of bottle cap art.  These next artists feature products that I've classified as functional art.  It's a smaller field than jewelry, but it is well worth the hunt.  These items aren't as easy to subcategorize, but the artists I chose tend to celebrate the artwork of the cap itself.  The first artist, fattslures,  creates fishing lures with recycled caps.  What a fabulous way to spend the day; fishing, sunshine and your favorite brew.

Loranscruggs, was also featured in my very first bottle cap treasury many moons ago on etsy.  I'm not sure how I first stumbled across her store, it was either a feature on Etsy's front page or one of my many combs through the bottle cap entries. Her whistles are amazing and she has adorable pull toys made from tin cans and bottle caps.  I'm also impressed with her collaboration with a fellow etsy artisian, oopsthatsart, who makes the wooden frames for Loran's toys.  Two handmade objects in one item is fabulous.

I found StickToIt when preparing for this article.  They make the cutest tic tac toe boards using coordinating bottle caps as the game pieces.  They'll even customize a board for you.  A very convenient item for mom's to keep in their bags to keep the kids entertained.

There are many sellers who make bottle cap magnets; however I love ScreaminMonkeyCircus's shop name and the idea of giving a six pack of magnets to your favorite beer drinker.  Brian also showcases the bottle cap image rather than covering it up, which I prefer for gifts for the men in my family.  Speaking of the men on your shopping list, kroseadams, has fabulous leather belts embellished with bottle caps.  She hails from Oregon and lauds it as beer heaven.  As a onetime resident of Oregon myself, I used to agree with her.  However, Michigan does offer some fabulous breweries of its own, not to mention the best cap ever designed, Oberon.  I feel a beer taste off in the works!

Pottopgirl, offers several bottle cap related items, but as a midwest gal, I couldn't resist this clock made from bottle caps and,  get this, recycled car parts.  What's not to love!  The same is true with ElenaMary's unique business card holder made of various recycled materials and bottle caps.  What an excellent way for sellers of bottle cap art to present their cards.

The last two artists feature items for your home.  Rettocamme offers trivets and table runners and I can tell she really appreciates bottle caps.  How do I know?  Her table runner has cork under each cap to protect your table top.  However, she very considerately did not put cork under the Magic Hat caps.  Magic Hat lovers know that these caps have fun phrases on the inside of their caps and Emma was sure to leave those visible for you to enjoy. 

Our last artist, LeBeauMEL, offers end tables, planters and other items utilizing bottle caps and I love the title of his store, The Art of Drinking Beer.  If you're a poker player, you really have to check out his poker chip set.  An amazing collection of caps and a unique way to play poker.

I hope you enjoyed this new set of artists.  I'll be cycling back for more in depth coverage of a few artists featured, but the next post will be on the art category.  You'll be just amazed at what these artists have done with caps.


Crafty Addictions said...

Love that clock!

Christine's Beadworks said...

Crafty Additions, I love it too what a great use of spare parts.