Monday, February 1, 2010

Spotlight on Cyndia Reddish


It's my great pleasure to introduce the first follow-up article on artists previously highlighted in my series on bottle cap art.  Cyndia Reddish is a self-taught metalsmith, jewelry artist and photographer.  She is well known for her art jewelry and her photography has won numerous awards in the Montana State fair.   Cyndia shared the following with me during our discussions:

"Art is in my soul. In the twenty years that I have been a professional jewelry artist, I have felt the ever-present conflict between my conservative side of myself and my wild bohemian side, the gainfully employed adult versus the artistic free spirit. I constantly see dichotomy in the world around me as well as within myself; I see beauty in objects that create a sense of uneasiness, even fear in others. For me there is a concurrent sense of balance, a yin/yang, within the inherent conflict of perceptions.

After moving to Montana in 2006, I found myself becoming creatively restless, wanting to reach deeper and unleash a more primal nature, a grittier creativity. By using my art to provocatively confront the uncomfortable feelings that force us to stare at a train wreck even though we want to look away, I feel that I am fulfilling an important aspect of my divine purpose, to touch people and change them in some way that they otherwise might not have achieved alone. 


I have always been intrigued with provocative photos that draw you into the scene, that capture a moment in time and convey the mood in a way that sticks with the viewer and provokes contemplation.  Taking pictures of everything helps me to remember my past and my trips to other places.  Macro-photography is my personal favorite venue, and many of my photos depict unusual close-up views, such as the inside petals of a lily, or a water droplet reflecting the landscape from a barbed wire fence.  With my photograph (on the left), Road to Hell, I took a low-angled shot of a bar parking lot full of rusted bottle caps to try to capture the intimation of a deteriorating life of an alcoholic."

[This picture spoke to me in many ways.  First the title reflects so clearly my husband's joking view of my bottle cap obsession.  He is very supportive, but he couldn't help but laughingly say "road to hell is right."  It also is a strong connection for me to the other artists in this series.  When I saw this picture, I saw the friends I've made through this very unique piece of discarded metal.  I saw art and friendship waiting to happen.  Cyndia took this shot outside a redneck bar in Okema, Oklahoma.  The sign outside the bar reads, "Rocky Road Tavern, Home of Woody Guthrie and the Common Folks, God Bless America."]

Cyndia has two jewelry lines, Black Water Siren Studio and Traeshe.  Her handcrafted art jewelry studio has been in business since 1989  and was featured in Femail Creations, a national gift catalog showcasing female designers.  The earrings on the right, Kyrah Arrowhead, are an example of the craftsmanship you will find in her studio.  Cyndia describes her shop, Traescheas "Outsider art for the Alter Ego."  She has this to say about her newest line:

"In my latest conceptual jewelry series, the Bullet Hole CollectionTM, I capture an iconic symbol of violence (the bullet) in its precise moment of impact (the hole).  I use what is physically not present to convey movement and action, to tell a story of inference, like using an echo rather than the voice itself.  In doing so, I create an unsettling beauty in my jewelry with what many would consider to be an alarming, but very unique, choice of subject matter.  Notches on the Post by Traeshe.

It was my pleasure to get to know Cyndia through her artwork.  You can find Cyndia Reddish in select boutiques throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom or at these on-line locations:

ebay username:  blackwatersiren

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Asianexpressions said...

I love Cyndia work. She is so talented.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Beautiful work :)

Judy Elizabeth said...

Cyndia's jewelry is original and fun to wear! I love the intricate details that she includes in all her pieces! I wear her earrings with joy and comfort (because they are so light to wear)! You, rock, Cyndia!

gourdphile said...

I have Cyndia's Road to Hell, lucky me. I share her bottle cap mania. Her beautiful art photograph bestows credibility upon our misunderstood cap compulsion (as does your bottle cap art series). And she included a note explaining the photograph: where it was taken, how the day went. I LOVE that personal touch.

My sister's a cop. The bullet jewelry series twangs me on so many levels. Guns are a reality in my sister's world for good and ill.

Peace upon us.

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful interview!