Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spotlight on Mortira Natasha vanPelt

Each month, my online group, Etsy Bead Weavers, hosts a challenge where the entire membership is encouraged to participate.  A theme is chosen by the previous winner and off we go to create a masterpiece in beads.  Today, I'd like to spotlight an artist, whose work did not make it into the challenge but immediately caught my eye.  When I saw Mortira's bracelet, Little Goat Tree, I was immediately struck by it's beauty, it's earthy colors and how well it represented the tale she choose to protray. I could almost envision the silver leaves floating in the wind.  This is Mortira's story behind her bracelet and her art.

My bracelet was inspired by a lesser known Grimm Brothers’ folk tale, “One Eyes, Two Eyes, and Three Eyes”.  I have always been a non-conformist at heart, so the obscure fairy tales were usually my favorite.  This is one I remember reading a lot as a child.

“Little Goat Tree” represents a kind spirit’s last gift to the story’s heroine.  The magical tree with golden fruit and silvery leaves draws the attention of a handsome prince, who takes Two Eyes away from her life of grief and want.  I like this story because it has a truly happy ending.  The evil sisters, One Eye and Three Eyes, are inspired by Two Eyes’ kindness, and in the end are sorry for treating her badly.  In most fairy tales, the good guys live happily ever after, and the bad guys suffer some fate worse than death. 

About the Artist

Throughout my life, there have been only two things that I’ve stuck with: beading and books.  When I discovered audio books, I was able to combine my two favorite hobbies.  Listening to a book while creating with beads is more appealing to me than a tropical vacation or trip to the moon.  I can’t say for sure why I’m drawn to beads, but I can’t ever see myself growing weary of them.

The thing I am most proud of is my decision to abstain from metals.  When I first decided to forgo clasps and other metal components, I worried that it might hinder my ability to design.  I was surprised to discover that it actually fueled my creativity.  Now that I don’t have ready made materials to fall back on, I take bigger risks and try new things with more enthusiasm.

I'd like to leave you with two more creations from Mortira's shop.  On the left is one of Mortira's favorites, her Tide Pool Scarf Necklace.  This delicate netting makes me long for those days when I was closer to the ocean.  On the right is one of my personal favorites from her shop, West Coast Woman.  I have a current fascination with with beadwork utilizing unusual materials.  The carving in this focal point is stunning and Mortira's beadwork enchances it perfectly while also pulling from her Canadian heritage.  

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Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

A wonderful post! I am a fan of both Mortira's work and her fantastic blog. Love the photo. It's always to nice to put a face to an artist's name, and what an adorable little man! Well done Christine.

Anonymous said...

Superb post!! Very talented artist and beautiful work. Nice to see you in person, Mortira!! Wonderful!!! Looking forward to see another artist's featuring!!

Ruthie said...

Beautiful feature!

DEBGER said...

WOW, I did even know about this artist and her work till now.
Fantistic blog and beadwork. Now a Mortira fan, shoo work is absolutely stunning.

Sandy said...

Mortira's work is always beautiful, always inspirational. It is so nice of you to feature your fellow teamates on your blog. Congratulations Mortira and Thank you Christine for sharing.

Mortira said...

For once I actually feel speechless! Thank you so much Christine, and thanks also for the wonderful comments. I'm beaming!

Christine's Beadworks said...

Thanks so much everyone. Mortira, you're welcome, but your work deserves all the praise! Christine

Susie Jefferson said...

Fabulous-looking post! Well written, well presented, a fascinating read with great photos. Well done!

London said...

Well done! Really beautiful work and an interesting story go together so nicely here! London

Mary T Designs said...

I love Morita's work and am also a fan of audio books. Thanks for sharing her story.

gourdphile said...

Gorgeous work. I love your artist features. I've sent a link to your blog to my sister. She has just begun her adventures in beads and jewelry making. Your blog and work will inspire her.

Christine's Beadworks said...

Susie, London and Mary T:
Thanks so much, Mortira deserves all the praise.

Warn your sister that beadwork is very addictive, once she's hooked she'll never be able to stop, lol,