Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Christine's Beadworks Fan Page Giveaway #3

Christine's Beadworks has reached over 280 facebook fans thanks in large part to the Flint City Handmade Market and the recommendation of my supportive fans.  It's time for another giveaway and my good friend, Loretta, selected two items from my inventory for two lucky fans.      

First the rules.  To enter, you must be a ChristinesBeadworks Fan on Facebook or a follower of this blog; you must be 18 years of age or older; and you must leave a comment here on this post or on my face book page here.  The winner will be selected randomly from those who leave comments and will be contacted through their facebook or blog profiles.  Now the comment topic:   I'm considering offering optional beaded and/or satin cords for my bottle cap pendants. The big question of the day is:  "When purchasing a pendant, would you prefer an optional neck cord (you can select your own) or an included neck cord (a complete look)?"   The winner will be selected and notified Monday, March 29, 2010.

The first person chosen will receive this lovely spiral rope.  For some reason, I cannot seem to get a good picture of this beauty.   The enameled, sterling silver button from Gita Maria inspired this colorway and is evocative of spring days romping in daffodil fields.  This 18 inch necklace can be worn with the button facing front or back.  It's a versatile piece wearable with most spring and summer colorways (yellow, blue, teal, raspberry, red, and green).

The second person drawn will receive this riveted metal pendant featuring my newest, double sided design.  The featured bottle cap is from Magic Hat Brewery located in Vermont.  This is another awesome brew with an equally awesome bottle cap.  Each brew has a thought provoking quote inside the cap that a customer suggested I find a way to show.  This is my first generation pendant fulfulling that request.  Like all my metal pendants, this one is heavily textured with brass on the front and copper on the back.  Both flame and liver of sulfur were used to create an aged patina.  Alcohol ink provides additional aging to the saying on the cap's back and resin protects the image on both sides.  The pieces are riveted with copper wire and the pendant suspends from a handmade copper bail.  A 24 inch brass chain is included.  

Good luck everyone.


P said...

Hi Christine. Please pick me 2nd! I love the growler pendant :) Hope you're having a lovely Spring day.
Peggy R

Auroras_Garden said...

I think including a cord for the pendants would be awesome, maybe giving the customer a choice of colors too? That would be fun!
I am a new fan on facebook I just fanned you when I seen this post on twitter

Anonymous said...

I love the spring colors, your designs are beautiful and amazing!
Patsy M

Sue G. said...

Hi Christine! I am loving your growing success with the number of fans increasing!! For your big question - I think the optional cord - to let the buyer choose - is the way to go. You could show a couple recommended choices tho!
Pick me!!! :)

Norma Jean said...

Give the customer a choice. Can you offer 2 price points? One the finished look and the other with a cord could be the customers' choices.
I love the spiral rope! The color choices are great!

Christine's Beadworks said...

Great comments and advice everyone, thank you! Make sure that I have your email address to contact you should you win. If you don't have an email link on your profile you can send it to me at crw123@att.net.

Ruthie said...

I think an included neck cord would be good :)

Sandy Spivey said...

I think it would be great to offer a neck cord. May I offer the suggestion of a satin cord with a slip knot? That way they could wear it at whatever length they prefer.
Take care, Sandy
P.S. I love your blog. It is cheerful, bright and VERY informative! Thanks.

gourdphile said...

Hey C:

What you do with bottle caps....AMAZIN GRACIE! Truly neato.

As far as cord choice: Girl. I don't need any more decisions to make in my life. I want someone to just tell me what when where why who....I'm gonna depend on the kindness of strangers and not so strangers.

Hope all is well.


Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Beautiful pieces both! I like having choices and I think clients like having price point options. And some clients seem to love to customize. SO, I think, offer your pendant with a super simple cord at your best price, and then show your favorite upgrade option as well. Congrats on the multitude of followers and fans.

lmls088 said...

Pick me 1st! I like the option of the necklace cord.

Loretta Sirota

Mary T Designs said...

Someone is going to be very luck indeed.

Christine's Beadworks said...

Thank you to everyone who left comments, you gave me a lot to consider regarding cords. I'll continue to offer a simple cord with my pendants and will begin offering optional upgrades in the future. Heidi' pulled our winners from the hat this afternoon AND THE WINNERS ARE: SANDY SPIVEY and AURORA'S GARDEN

Flint Handmade said...

Thanks for the mention! We would have helped spread the word but unfortunately are a little behind on our blog subscriptions! Oops :)

Rebecca said...

Well, I've definitely missed the giveaway, but I'd prefer to pick my own! I love mix and match purchases. Love the new look of your blog! Great pics at the top, beautiful beadwork.

Christine's Beadworks said...

Rebecca, thank so much for stopping by and helping me with this dilemna.

Flint Handmade, glad to do it and I'm really looking forward to the May show.