Monday, October 19, 2009


After over two decades working in finance, I retired to raise my daughter. I love creating and have experimented with many art forms over the years. My hands are always busy and I cannot sit without something to work on. When my friend Pari introduced me to beading, I knew I had found my true passion. I'm rarely without a new beading project and I like nothing more than to challenge myself with a new technique. I'm blessed with a great beading guild and have access to fabulous teachers.

My current focus is creating items from vintage or recycled bottle caps. Every trip to the store finds me browsing through the beers and soda looking for an interesting cap. It's a great way to try a new brew. My friend Lisa pointed that many wine bottles have decorated metal caps and labels, add another hour to my grocery shopping as I scan the wine isle!

I'm a proud member of the Great Lakes Beadworker's Guild, Michigan Indie Crafters Etsy Team, and Etsy Beadworker's Street Team.

In my blog, I plan to include a gallery of pieces I've made and what I've learned from that process and where you might see that technique show up in other designs. I plan to pay homage to those designers who have taught me so much through their classes, kits, or instructions.

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Sea Air Arts - Deb H said...

Paying homage to past instructors and inspirators (is that a word?) is the perfect goal for a Blog. Blogs are (at their root) all about community, after all. I look forward to seeing your wonderful work and learning about new sources for my own artistic inspiration. Thanks!