Tuesday, November 11, 2008


After over two decades working in finance, I retired to raise my daughter. I love creating and have experimented with many art forms over the years. My hands are always busy and I cannot sit without something to work on. When my friend Pari introduced me to beading, I knew I had found my true passion. I'm rarely without a new beading project and I like nothing more than to challenge myself with a new technique. I'm blessed with a great beading guild and have access to fabulous teachers.

After being encouraged to sell my pieces, I found a home on Etsy. I'm still constantly trying something new, but I also found several techniques that I love to recreate. Spiral ropes are one of these techniques. They are beautiful, elegant, and fun to wear. Bezeling is another. Imagine my joy in taking my favorite bottle cap, encasing it in seed beads and crystal, and wearing it. They are always a conversation starter.

This blog is dedicated to all those great jewelry artists who have inspired my work, my family and friends who are a constant source of encouragement, and to my daughter who always gives me a fair and honest opinion of my designs.  Her feedback is invaluable.

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Christine!

About classes; what I am considering are on-line classes. I have a seperate blog that I use to practise inserting HTML because I know little.
But, it could easily be set up for classes with payment through paypal; people signed up would have admin rights to post---it;s pretty easy.
I don't travel well due to back injuries and now the new hip..... :)
So I kinda hope if I do this, it will be a helpful easy way for everyone to attend affordably!


Christine's Beadworks said...

Hi Anne,
I think you'll do well Anne. You're inspiring and that will come through if you decide to tackle a class. One site that comes to mind is www.joggles.com. They offer on-line classes from a variety of artists, might be something to look at if you don't want to tackle it from scratch. Good luck, I love your blog.

gourdphile said...

Dear Christine:

Glad to know dryer ghosts are not just a Hungry Holler phenom. You always give comfort!

Still haven't flatten any caps. I'm not sure where the days have gone. I go into my shop, piddle about, leave. Go in the house piddle about. Leave. Repeat. I'm also a beancounter, so I've been doing some of that for a couple of clients.

Took down my poor broken peace sign today. It was too sad to see it hanging askew. I would have done it sooner but I had to go in my shop, piddle round. Go in the house, piddle around...can't wait to get my new Peace Sign up. Now that project gets me going. The man who sold it to me is going to deliver it, "one of these near days....".

Your daughter looks like a darling.

Thanks for following and commenting.

Peace to you,