Friday, October 30, 2009


Before beginning my beadweaving section, I'd like to share my beading journey with you. When I show my work to other crafters, I often get the comment, "I don't know how you do that...I could never"... I'd like to encourage you to try if you really are interested in how it's made. Almost all crafters I've met are very adept at following patterns. That is the key to almost everything in this art form. After that it's technique and whether it appeals to you. If you bead, you can do chainmaille and wirework and vice versa. I'm not good at soldering but I haven't tried hard enough to learn (on the to do list).

That being said, I have a friend who knits. I have absolutely no interest in learning to knit. She makes gorgeous items for me and I reciprocate by making beaded items for her. It's not that I couldn't learn, but I've always had a tension issue with yarn and don't have the patience to learn to control it (technique and time being what is stopping me here).

How did I progress from straight stringing to beadwork? Actually, I made the leap to wire wrapping first thanks to Wendy Witchner. After my session in Pari's kitchen, and several strung projects latter. I picked up a copy of Bead and Button and discovered Wendy. Bead and Button is an excellent resource if you don't have access to instructors. Almost all of my wire and beadweaving was self taught. Beadworks Magazine is my new favorite, simply due to the fabulous beadwoven patterns. However, when I was first learning, I found B&B to have easier to understand instructions and more projects at my skill level.

So, if you like it and you're crafty, give it a try. Just don't jump in and do advance stuff too early (not that I ever follow that advice).

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Foxan said...

Thank you for sharing! Sounds familiar ;)
Many beadweavers have started with stringing...