Friday, October 23, 2009

Favorite Jump Ring Suppliers

This necklace illustrates the power of learning chainmaille (or any other chain making technique). I could not find a chain I liked that complimented this extraordinary pendant (made from a Lisa Niven Kelly kit). I finally decided to make my own. The weave is called Jens Pind 4. Although Anne's book had instructions, I found those on the Maille Artisians League website to be easier for me to understand. It's made with 20 gauge sterling silver rings from Spiderchain.

Again, I was a complete nut to try a new weave with such a small gauge, but I love the result. This necklace never fails to get a response and nothing makes your day more than being complimented on a piece you're wearing.

I have several resources for jump rings but by far my favorites are:

I go to this site for sterling silver and copper rings. Her customer service and quality are excellent. If you've bought rings from a different supplier, she will help you match to her rings. She also will help you choose the right rings for your weave (and figure out all that confusing aspect ratio stuff).

Blue Buddha Boutique
This is my go to site for colored rings (niobium and aluminum) and rubber rings. I also go here when I want sterling or copper in smaller quantities. They have kits and instructions and the wubber set of tools that I love for chainmaille.

C&T Designs

This site has fabulous square rings in a variety of metals. My favorite is stainless steel. They also have finished pieces at great prices for those who want the look but don't want to make their own.

The Ring Lord

This used to be my site for colored rings before I discovered Blue Buddha. I still go here for information and for rings if BB doesn't have what I need.

Urban Maille

Last, but definitely not least, is Urbanmaille. This is the site I drool over every time I need a chainmaille fix. There are no better rings on the market. Their instructions are incredible and I'm anxiously awaiting the day when they publish a book or offer more of their weaves in copper. If you want the absolute best, this is where to go.

In the next post, we'll move on to beadweaving.

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