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GLBG 20th Anniversary Challenge Entries

Synergy Challenge

Industrial Winter
Glass Artist Sheldon Greenblatt
Designer Christine Wilson
Photographer Sylvus Tarn
Industrial Winter
Glass Artist Sheldon Greenblatt
Designer Christine Wilson
Photographer Sylvus Tarn

Artist Statement - Sheldon Greenblatt:
I am a student of natural and earth sciences as well as religions, history, archeology and anthropology. The making, wearing, meanings and uses of beads seem, for me, to focus all of those interests into a single point. I incorporate what I have learned from my studies into my glass beads to give them purpose. My intention is that the colors, shapes and designs should have a meaning over and above being a handcrafted work of art. In my opinion, beads should be as much a symbol of belief, authority, rank and power as they may also be a representation of nature and a work of art.

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Artist Statement - Christine Wilson:
It all started simply enough; a friend's kitchen, a pile of beads and a new passion was born. Brewed Adornments blossomed from that fledgling start into a focus on recycled and repurposed jewelry design. Bottle caps quickly became my muse and I'm honored to add my artistry to that of the unsung graphic designer behind the logos.  My work is evenly divided between beadweaving and metalwork and I enjoy mixing the two design elements together.  I draw my inspiration from the objects and colors around me and often incorporate artwork and components from the artists I've met along the way.  Collaborations such as this one often lead me in new, unforseen directions.


Synergy Inspiration:  Industrial Winter
In this piece, we provide a glimpse of winter in an industrial city like Detroit; beautiful but grimy, hard edges and raw power, a raw uncut diamond and a dangerous yet elegant opponent.  Hardware mixes with the luscious color of champagne pixie dust beads while the sparkle of steel slowly transitions to the inevitable tarnish of bronze.  Industry and winter ebbs and flows through the city, yet it a lasting beauty endures.

Photographer: Sylvus Tarn, Website: http://rejiquar.com/

Guild Challenge

Designer Christine Wilson
Photographer Christne Wilson
Detroit, like most major cities, has a rich sports history so it's no wonder a Detroit-themed challenge would contain a few sports related elements.  Hockey epitomes the tarnished city both in elegance and brutality.  This hockey themed piece parellel's the winter theme of my Synergy entry in that all three are diamonds glittering below the surface.  All three are beautiful; the shear grace of the players as they maneuver, their unrestrained joy as the puck reaches it's target, the equal joy when a goaltender thwarts a goal, all of it at amazing speed on thin little blades of steel.  Yet what player can boast a full set of teeth in a sport that celebrates the battle and quietly applauds the enforcer's punch.  Detroit, despite its detractors and the corruption that is its downfall, has contributed greatly to the rich fabric of our lives through industry, the arts, struggle, and lessons of tolerance.

Initially, I planed the two designs to mirror one another in construction.   Sheldon's elegant beads required a different approach and the result is a wonderful blend of refinement and industry.

Some of the text I used in this entry were "borrowed" from a previous entry with the same inspiration of Winter and Hockey.  You can read that blog posting here:  http://christinesbeadworks.blogspot.com/2011/02/winter-wonderland.html

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