Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Beauty of Friendship Swaps

My online group, Etsy Beadweaver's Team, recently organized a swap and 21 of my teammates and I participated.  This lovely picture is of Susan Ivey, and I couldn't have asked for a better picture to illustrate the joy of doing a friendship swap.  The bracelet on the right is the piece that she created for fellow beadweaver, Aster Sadler and the one on the left is the one she received in turn from Jacquie ChampionWith this swap, each person was assigned someone on the list and provided with information about that person.  No one knew who had their name, so it was a surprise to both receive a piece and to find out the identity of the sender.  There were no real requirements on what to make, just something the other person would like and to do the big reveal today, April 15th.  I have the great honor of not only showing the piece I sent to, drum roll please, Naan Pocen, but to also show everyone's pieces.  We have a few pictures missing, so I will follow-up when they come in.

Naan was, I believe, the very first person to leave a comment on my blog.  Naan is a gifted writer, as well as a gifted bead artist and I highly encourage you to read her blogs (each mention of her name has a separate link to different blogs).  For any challenge and/or swap, I push myself to create something I haven't done before.  I knew I wanted to use a bottle cap in my design, and for something new to me, I decided to make it reversible (not everyone wants to advertise their favorite beer/soda all the time, lol).  My original thought was to put an image of Naan and her beautiful daughter on one side, but that attempt failed miserably.  I still have a lot to learn about creating collages that will look nice with beadwork and not look flat.  I was told that Naan likes the color red and didn't own a lariat.  Perfect, I've never done a true lariat and I adore these new Coke caps.  What's a "true" lariat, you might ask.  For me, a lariat is very long and something that can be worn multiple ways around the neck.  The picture on the left is the back of the caps, with the left side being the medallion beadwork I used to cover the failed picture and the right a collage of nail polish (makes a great paint) and stamped acetate.  Red with gold is one of my favorite pairings, it looks rich and elegant and it also avoided a color comination that Naan doesn't like (red/blue) and one that I don't like (red/green).  I used a herringbone weave for the strap; perhaps not the best choice.  It's a little stiffer than I wanted at the crystal intersections, but I love the overall look and versatility.  The embellishments for the herringbone were first introduced to me by Laura McCabe's designs and they work wonderfully here.

This collage illustrates the many possibilities of wearing this piece.  It's long enough to be drapped around the waist (correction, Naan's waist, not mine, lol). 
Readers, you've been very patient with me.  I know you want to see what others on the team sent and received.  Another drum roll please........

Make sure click on the picture to make it larger and you will be able to read the sender and the recipient names.  Check back later in the week, I'll continue to update the picture with others as I receive them.  Below is a list of all the participants in the swap.  Clicking on their names will take you to their blogs (if they have one) or to their shops (if they don't).  Many will be writing about their experiences with the swap so you can have a great time taking a journey with us.

Karina Houben to Ellen Shukis
Ellen Shukis to Hadas Ferber
Hadas Ferber to Carol Holmes
Carol Holmes to Laura Zeiner
Laura Zeiner to Charlene Abrams
Charlene Abrams to Jacquie Champion
Jacquie Champion to Susan Ivey
Susan Ivey to Aster Sadler
Aster Sadler to Ruthie Stickney
Ruthie Stickney to Christine Wilson
Christine Wilson to Naan Pocen
Naan Pocen to Olga Pettersson
Olga Pettersson to Patricia Vener
Patricia Vener to Lisa Savoy
Lisa Savoy to Marilyn Norman
Marilyn Norman to Nancy Dale
Nancy Dale to Esther Neijman
Esther Neijman to Louisa Meece
Louisa Meece to Marcy Abney
Marcy Abney to Deb Andersen
Deb Andersen to Karina Houben


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

These pieces are just stunning...they are bead art; not just beads but beads taken to the next higher plane!
That's all I can say of all the talent.....


Christine's Beadworks said...

Thanks Anne! I'm so fortunate to belong to such and inspirational and supportive team.

Foxan said...

It's LOVELY, Chris!
As you can seen, I had to check out the blog! ;)

GREAT pieces, everyone!

Christine's Beadworks said...

Thanks Olga, I don't blame you, there would be no way I couldn't peek.

Julie said...

Oh my gosh! What an awesome swap! I'm always super impressed with people that can create beautiful things with beads. Naan is so lucky to receive the gorgeous lariat you made!

Take care,

Christine's Beadworks said...

Thanks Julie! Beading is great fun and I couldn't have picked a nicer person than Naan to give this lariat a home.

SpringColors said...

Thank you Christina for all the work you've done for this swap.

I love the bracelet I've got from Ellen.

I also see so many gorgeous pieces.

Robbie said...

Wow! You sure have come a long way baby, from our 'postal quilters' day! Bet you don't even remember those days do you! BEAUTIFUL work! I put the 1st on my calendar to maybe meet up with you and sue!!!


Susie Jefferson said...

These are fabulous, and I totally adore the Coke lariat necklace - it really is stunning!

Christine's Beadworks said...

Thanks so much Susie!

Christine's Beadworks said...

Thanks Robbie! I'm looking forward to seeing you again!

Angelque Creations said...

Christine, thank you for picking up the swap from Ester, you have done a magnificant jop. I just received my bracelet and earring set from Charlene and OMG what a gorgeous set. It is going to travel to Europe with me on May 1. Now that I have received mine I can finally post to the Etsy Beadweavers blog as I did not want to ruin the surprise. I hope everyone has their swap and are as happy as I am.