Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Facebook Fan Page Giveaway #2

Christine's Beadworks has reached 100 facebook fans and it is time for another giveaway.  This will be the last giveaway for awhile and I decided to make it a big one in honor of the sun and the bottle cap that started it all for me (along with Mary's class).  I'll be giving two items away this time (shown below).  In addition both winners will receive an Oberon Bottle cap to use for their own inspiration.  This cap comes from Bell's Brewery located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  When I moved from Portland, Oregon to Michigan, I knew two of the things I would miss most were the fabulous breweries and the independent coffee houses.  Thank goodness for Bell's Oberon, it replaced Widmer for me and this cap is striking.  

First the rules.  To enter, you must be a ChristinesBeadworks Fan on Facebook; you must be 18 years of age or older; and you must leave a comment here on this post.  The topic is "Spread the Sunshine" and you can make any comment that is positive, uplifting, or inspirational.  It can be something you are thankful for or something to bring a smile to other readers.  Only fans who leave comments will participate in the giveaway.   My daughter will choose the entries out of hat (she likes to help).  The winners will be contacted via email through facebook and will need to provide shipping information.

The first person chosen will receive this beaded bottle cap.  This was my very first beaded cap.  It's a little rougher than my subsequent caps, I was still experimenting with resin and flattening the cap.  That's not to say that it isn't beautiful.  It has a herringbone edge and I called this one Harvest Sun.  It comes with an ultra suede cord that expands to 18".

The second person drawn will receive this riveted metal pendant.  I'm experimenting with pendants that appeal to men or women who like a more streamlined look.  This one has a copper washer bezel, a rubber layer (from a furniture pad) and a brass washer back.  Screws were riveted to hold the piece together and it was lovingly wacked with a hammer and torched for that weathered look.   I'm including a 24" copper ball chain, but this also looks lovely as a key chain or a purse decoration as well.
Good Luck, the winner will be drawn Sunday evening (January 17th, 2010).


Sue G. said...

Love your work Christine!! Here is a thought for the day:

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you." ~ Walt Whitman

Glad to be your fan on facebook! :)

Marmalade Hills said...

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
~Anthony J. D'Angelo


lmls088 said...

Stay is a charming word in a friends vocabulary. - Louisa May Alcott


Rikki Blitt said...

Your work is so beautiful and original. I became a winner the moment I saw your eye candy.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Good luck on your contest! I'm not entering these time since I won last time - in fact the pendant has a place of honor on the wall in my kitchen :D

Christine's Beadworks said...

Thanks so much, your comments have brought sunshine to my day and to my readers. Good luck with the drawing, Heidi is prepped and ready to go.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love seeing what people do with bottlecaps as I colect/hoard (pick one!) them myself and occasionally share with an artist friend in need!
What wonderful work!!!
From a cap-o-phile.....


Christine's Beadworks said...

Ooo, friend in need! Anne, contact me if you'd ever like to arrange a trade! If you have a creation you made with them, I'd love to share it.

BitOwhimsey said...

Great bottle caps!

"Its not the space that counts but the life you live in it!


Trinity Designer Jewellery said...

I love all the beauties you've made with the bottle caps. When I saw the other article about the start of your love affair with the bottle caps, I could understand why. Great work, love it.

Christine's Beadworks said...

And our winners are: Kandy from Bit O Whimsey and Rikki Blitt.